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I want to make something like this. 
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30 more days

before I become Mrs. Graham. 

I honestly can’t believe that I’m getting married in a month. I’ve been waiting so long that it just feels really surreal, I feel like after being engaged for two years this was never actually going to happen. I can’t wait. I practiced my new signature over and over again the other day, I think I finally have it down. 

We’ve decided that we’re just going to go to the courthouse to say our vows and we’re having, what was supposed to be a very small, a rather big reception party afterwards. I downloaded a wedding countdown on my phone, and it alerts me each new day as to how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds I have before I say I do. Every time it pops up I get a little more excited and stressed at the same time. Although we’re not doing anything big, I still want it to be perfect! :) 

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